Behind The Lens!

Beauty, Editorial & Lifestyle Photographer

Perhaps it's the fact that he grew up on Anguilla, one of the most visually stunning islands in the Caribbean. Perhaps it's the fact that he has a knowledge of light, texture and color that is uber impressive by any standards. Whatever it may be, Jerome Dupont is not your average photographer. With the raw skill and ability to capture jaw dropping landscapes yet the sensibility to draw the deepest of emotions with his journalistic and softer images, Dupont is undoubtedly an anomaly.

Dupont took up photography as a hobby in 2010. Hours of practice and study, coupled with teaching and guidance from some of the Caribbean's best photographers have resulted in Dupont himself becoming one of the most sought after photographers in the Caribbean. In 2009 Dupont moved to Florida and has since developed a reputation as being one of the most stellar visual artists in the model world. Many of his portfolio pictures have garnered acclaim and landed models jobs with top agencies. Dupont's work has also appeared in publications such as Canada's L3 Magazine, NYC's Ellements Magazine & ShuString Magazine just to name a few.

Dupont's attention to culture, history and the human experience seems to affect each of his photographs. His colors and angles add to what has become a flair and style unique to Dupont. In his own words, I try to learn as much as possible about my subject as swiftly as possible. Their unique characteristics and personality help me to gage what type of photos would work best for them. It is the combination of that sensibility, skill and his eye that will inevitably crown him one of the country's best photographers.